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so wonder abit

is just stella, or do anyone else unpower & unplug personl electronics when storm happen??

obv some stuff not practical unplug, or maybe easy enough replace if damage, but if smth like computer? NOPE, unplug it goes. not want risk even if light storm - lightning still lightning, never know what maybe hit

spacepandy commented:

i only unplug if directly plugged into wall. We have "Surge protectors" which are cords that give little extra length and have many plugs in them [for people who call them other things since know have heard them be call something else] is similar to ones on hair dryers or on some bathroom plug. it can be turned on off with switch to cut off power, and if any tiny spark or voltage suddenly go high or drop!! it automatically shut off! might damage protector if something too bad happen, but all electronics plug in it will be safe. Certain things can only plug into wall cause no room for them or because move around too much, so those things get unplug if can.

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reason people used do this is cause technology used not best at handle electrity be weird! is better now so no have to worry too much!

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was always what stella get taught! glad know stella not alone, from other responses >:3c

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I always unplug everything! we've had too many things fry themselves for me to risk it. and then I go set myself up somewhere cozy with a flashlight nearby just in case we lose power.

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i thought thay was kind of a safety rule

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I do the same thing, but I thought I was the only one, because I'm terrified of storms so that makes me paranoid about them too. I also won't use the microwave or stove or touch running water.

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